It’s no secret that Keratin has taken the hair industry by storm. From shampoos and conditioners, hair serums and hair treatments- keratin is everywhere. With so much information in the media, it’s our job as professional hairstylists to inform our clients what keratin is and why they should be using it!

What is Keratin?

Keratin is not a “magical ingredient” but rather a natural protein that our hair, skin, and nails already possess. Keratin is the main component that builds the internal and outer structures of the hair.

Overtime, the hair may experience keratin loss- when the hair’s natural keratin protein bonds are broken down. Chemical treatments, heat styling and environmental damage, such as UV rays and saltwater cause keratin loss and leave the hair more prone to breakage, fraying and damage. As professionals, hair coloring, highlighting, and hairstyling are part of our everyday regime for various clients. So, how do you explain to your clients why they need keratin products and why they should start using it today?

In this list, I will give you 5 reasons why your clients should start using keratin today, as well as, a handful of La-Brasiliana’s Professional products that I recommend for you and your clients too!

1. Keratin Repairs Damaged Hair and Improves Manageability

For those with unruly and damaged hair, keratin helps fill in the gap of lost keratin protein bonds, which help reverse hair damage, protect and prevent future hair breakage. As an added bonus, more manageable hair means less time spent styling the hair.

Recommendation: La-Brasiliana’s Domani- Brazilian Keratin Treatment provides instant manageability while softening the hair texture.

2. Eliminates Frizz

Frizz is caused by the lack of moisture in the hair. Whether this is caused by chemical, heat styling or just the hair’s natural texture, keratin treatments help smooth down the hair shaft by closing the outer cuticle of the hair; not only  rehydrating the hair, but also minimizing the amount of moisture that enters the hair causing it to swell into a frizzy mess!

Recommendation: La-Brasiliana’s Spruzzi- 24 hours Keratin Treatment will help to de-frizz and make your client’s hair more manageable without any down time!

3. Makes The Hair Softer and Shinier

When the keratin protein is absorbed and the cuticle is sealed by heat, the hair takes on a more shiny, healthier appearance that is soft to the touch. Being that many of the keratin-infused products are sulfate-free, the keratin works as a color sealer, providing an incredible shine that will make your clients feel great about your color service.

Recommendation: La-Brasiliana’s Keratin-infused hair products such as,Olio-Argan Oil or Tre- Define and Shine are going to help seal the cuticle while also protecting the hair from future heat styling damage and keeping the hair feeling silky.

4. Gives Hair Instant Strength

Reforming the protein bonds in the hair’s structure helps repair damage and porosity for brittle and unruly hair. The end result will leave your client with easy to style hair that is less likely to have breakage.

Recommendation: La-Brasiliana’s Dieci-All-In-One Leave In Treatment that strengthens the hair structure, from shampoo to shampoo.

5. Instant And Long Lasting Results

Keratin treatments could last anywhere from 3- 6 months and results are instant. Keratin- infused products, such as shampoos and conditioners are the key to longevity in maintaining their keratin treatment results.

Recommendation: La-Brasiliana’s Original or Zero Keratin Treatments will give you instant results that will last up to 6 months. La-Brasiliana’s Uno Shampoo and Due Conditioner will help your client maintain their keratin treatment results at home. And for clients who want to experience an instant thirty day result, turn to Trenta-Thirty Day Blow Dry Treatment.

How Will It Change Your Business?

From the services you offer to the products you recommend, as a business you are always looking for what’s best for your clients. By offering keratin products and services, you are letting your clients know that you have their hair’s best interest at heart. Your clients will have stronger, softer, and more manageable hair and they’ll have you to thank! Your color clients will no longer be just a color client, instead both a color and keratin client. Ideal for most, adding keratin products and services into your salon will build your book of business and increase your salon’s revenue in no time!

Overall, it’s important to have conversations with your clients about the health of their hair and different options to maintain or revive it. You want to let your clients know it’s possible to have fun and trendy hair that is still healthy, shiny and strong.