Hairdresser, protected by a mask, combing her client's hair with a hair iron in a salon

As if things weren’t hard enough before COVD-19 things have gotten much more complicated.  In this short article I want to give you a few tips, not a very eshastive list of things you should do to win this battle between your business and the pandemic.

Wear face masks

The CDC recommends that everyone – sick or healthy – wear a cloth face mask in places where it can be hard to stay 6 feet away from others, like a salon. Studies have shown that people be asymptomatic and can spread coronavirus. In fact, you might be the most contagious when your not even showing any symptoms of the coronavirus.

Read this article from WebMD to get a better understanding of Coronavirus Face Masks: What You Should Know

Market your the safety measures

Let your clients know that your salon has take precautions to ensure their safety. Many people are afraid to book appointments to get their hair done as they see it as an unnecessary risk to their health. Studies have shown that if your clients are aware of the measures your salon has taken to ensure their safety they are more likely to come back. Your website or social media channels should be announcing changes in policy that might include:

  • The required use of face masks while in the facility
  • Reduced operating hours
  • No walk-ins
  • No waiting areas and
  • No outside food or drink

Eliminating blow drying

Wait what?! According the the Mayo Clinic, eliminating blow drying could reduce the spread of germs.

Wipe down suraces

Telling your customers your are taking precautionary measures is one thing but making sure you don’t get cuaght up in the daily grind and actually do it whole other ball game. Customers need to see you walking the walk. They need to see your disinfecting practices in action. Wiping down the common areas and surfaces is just basic. Make it a salon wide duty. Assign each stylist one hour during their shift where they are on disinfecting duty, that way it’s not on any one stylists shoulders.