We’ve all had that helpless feeling when we get that client that sits in our chair with severely damaged hair. From years of chemical services to damage from natural causes, we both know there is simply not much we can do. Now with La-Brasiliana’s RIPARA we can rejuvenate our client’s damaged hair with results that are instantly visible with application.

La Brasiliana’s Ripara Strength Optimization Solution also known as SOS is a reparative hair treatment that will bring life to dry, brittle and damaged hair. Best of all, RIPARA is work on all hair types.


Like in any other product in the market, it really comes down to the ingredients. I can loosely remember that great quote from the Spider-Man movies “With great ingredients comes Powerful Results!” or maybe not but regardless that quote holds true for RIPARA’s great ingredients and powerful results.

RIPARA one of La-Brasiliana’s flagship products as it is a total reconstructive treatment. It revitalizes the bonds of the hair follicle, repairing the condition of hair after any chemical service or hair that has been compromised by natural causes. RIPARA contains a variety of beneficial ingredients including Castor Seed, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids, and Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract which has antipruritic properties that alleviate itching, dryness and reduces dandruff. RIPARA’s Amino Acids are the molecular building blocks of protein which help hair regain elasticity lost from over processing. RIPARA’s ingredients work as a natural emollient and infuse uber-hydration into the hair. RIPARA repairs split ends, restores the pH balance to hair, scalp and is a thermal protector.

RIPARA has many benefits to help professionals bring out the best in their clients hair. I truly believe RIPARA is an absolute necessity for every professional.