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About Olio di Morocco

Olio di Morocco SMOOTH Smoothing Treatment is specially formulated with a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acid which smoothes the cuticle of each hair fiber. Amino Acid better known as carbocysteine softens the bonds of the hair. Carboxylic Acid a Vegetable Protein strengthens the hair while SMOOTH is processing at a pH level of 1-2.

This combination of acids will soften the hair structure changing the molecular structure without breaking the bonds. The assemblage of these components along with other proprietary elements results in an amazing product with great benefits for both client and professional stylist. These compounds work together to penetrate and reconstruct each individual hair fiber. After heat infusion via flatiron at a relatively low temperature range minimum of (300˚F - 450˚F) the effects of the treatment take hold immediately. This SMOOTH treatment slightly weakens the disulfide bonds and allows the interconversion of the cysteine bonds of the hair fibers to relax.

Our Olio di Morocco SMOOTH Smoothing System has been designed for all hair types. The Argan Oil within all our products will not leave the hair limp or lifeless, in fact, just the opposite. Olio di Morocco products leave hair manageable and smooth. Olio di Morocco smoothing treatment contains (6) products.

View the Olio di Morocco Product Line Here

  1. Olio di Morocco Smooth Clarifying Shampoo 6.5pH
  2. Olio di Morocco Conditioner with Argan Oil 5.5pH
  3. Olio di Morocco SMOOTH Smoothing Treatment 1-2pH
  4. Olio di Morocco Smooth Retaining Spray 5.5pH
  5. Olio di Morocco Shampoo with Argan Oil 5.5pH
  6. Lucia Ultra light Shine Spray

An intense treatment formulated to deeply repair and hydrate damaged hair. With frequent use, hair will recover shine and manageability.

La-Brasiliana Olio di Morocco Powerpoint from La-Brasiliana
Blends legendary Argan Oil from Morocco with Vitamin E to create instant shine without the oily residue.

We began our Olio di Morocco Line by developing Olio di Morocco Argan Oil Hair Treatment. A Light weight frizz corrector, humidity resistant moisturizer, which shines and instantly penetrates for maximum condition. Argan Oil imported from Morocco packaged in a hermetically sealed, non aerosol can. Our Olio di Morocco Argan Oil Hair Treatment has proven to be a great hit. Authorized Distributor